Attention Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners!

Are you struggling to get new ideal clients?

Does the lack of money coming in stress you out?

Do you feel like you're stuck and can't seem to move forward?

Do you sometimes wonder if you're really cut out to be successful in your own business?

You may be unaware of it, but a very powerful force is at work in your life right now. It’s called the Law of Attraction and at this very moment, it’s attracting people, opportunities, situations and relationships into your life and business. Unfortunately not all of them are good! But you can turn things around.

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3 Quick Ways to Get Rid of Anxiety.

Feeling Anxious?

Feeling Anxious? Anxiety is caused when you think about or more like worry about something in the future. It's when your mind goes to the "what ifs" and you live in fear of the worst case scenario. Anxiety is debilitating. I know because I've suffered from it and continue to do the work to push ... Read more »

Can’t Make a Decision?

Get Shift Done

We're all faced with having to make hard decisions every now and then. Whether it's in your relationships, parenting or within your job or career, sometimes you have to make a tough call. Just the idea of having to make a decision can leave you feeling anxious. But guess what? Deciding not to deal ... Read more »

Jealous of Others?

carly cooper coaching

Do you compare yourself to others? Are you jealous or envious of what other people have? It's important to realize that people only show you what they want you to see. So before you go to, understand that you are watching someone else's highlight reel. These "negative" ... Read more »

Does Law of Attraction Really Work?

get shift done

  One of my viewers wrote me a great question that I wanted to share. She wrote "Can one ever try too hard to make the Law of Attraction work so that it actually doesn't work and then you just send out negative frustrated energy into the universe? The Law of Attraction is always ... Read more »

Feel Safe in the Face of Fear.

feel safe

If you watch the news or follow social media it's hard to avoid the scary and dismal headlines. Between the war in the Middle East, the outbreak in Africa and the crime that happens locally, it's easy to get caught up in feelings of fear, anxiety, stress and worry. When we are faced with these ... Read more »

Positively Express Yourself.

express emotions

Do you freely express yourself or do you bottle up how you really feel inside? Sadly many of us were taught to suppress our true feelings especially if they were considered to be negative. We were lead to believe that if we didn’t have anything nice to say, we shouldn’t say it at all. Now I’m ... Read more »

The Best Time to Work.

night owl

Are you more productive in the morning? Afternoon? Or do you do your best work at night? Everyone seems to have an opinion (or judgement) on when is the "ideal" time to work. But is there really just one way? Each of us has our own body rhythm. We come pre-programmed to either be more ... Read more »

Feel Happy Fast!

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It’s summer! Things are naturally slowing down and you want to relax, be happy and have more fun. But you may feel too guilty to give in to your pleasures. Or maybe you feel torn between what you want to do and what you should do. This negative energy causes you to feel stressed out, burnt ... Read more »

Are Your Peeps Bringing You Down?

ready for your jelly?

You're on a path to personal growth and development. You're evolving and doing the internal work to make positive changes in your life. You feel great until... that "special" person in your life takes issue with the "new you" and says or does something to crush your soul. You're fully aware that ... Read more »

What Success Really Means.

what success really means

What does success mean to you? Most people tend to measure success based on how much money or how many things they have. I used to think this way too. And it made me feel like a total failure. It didn't matter how much love surrounded me, what my accomplishments were or that I was helping people ... Read more »