Attention Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners!

Are you struggling to get new ideal clients?

Does the lack of money coming in stress you out?

Do you feel like you're stuck and can't seem to move forward?

Do you sometimes wonder if you're really cut out to be successful in your own business?

You may be unaware of it, but a very powerful force is at work in your life right now. It’s called the Law of Attraction and at this very moment, it’s attracting people, opportunities, situations and relationships into your life and business. Unfortunately not all of them are good! But you can turn things around.

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Detach from the Outcome and Attract More.

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Any other control freaks out there? I know I am. If I am preaching to the choir here it's safe to assume that you too get obsessed with trying to control the outcome in areas of your life. Maybe you want to get pregnant, attract Mr. or Mrs. Right or reach the next level in your career. We all get ... Read more »

Simple Tool to Reduce Stress.

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Are you experiencing stress in your life or business? My guess is if you're waking up, getting out of bed and interacting with people, there is some form of stress in your life. While it's very normal to experience some degree of stress, it's not healthy to bottle it up or allow it to cause you ... Read more »

Is the Universe Testing You?

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When things don't go your way do you ever look up to the heavens and ask "Why are you testing me Universe? What did I do to deserve this?" Here's the thing about the Universe. It doesn't have a brain so it can't possibly test you. And no offence, the Universe has plenty to do already. Picking on ... Read more »

How to Stop Needing Approval.

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If you are a red blooded, breathing human, you are or at some point have been addicted to needing approval from other people. Whether it's from your parents, a boss, friends, co-workers or your partner. We all want to feel loved and accepted. Craving this outside validation and approval means ... Read more »

Powerful Question to Help you Let Go.

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Have you ever been stuck in a situation, either in a job you hate, a relationship you're no longer into or something else that brings you down? You know you need to let go and move on but you feel too scared, angry or resentful. Your ego has got the best of you. While it's easy to want to blame ... Read more »

How to Release Fear.

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In order to live a rich, fulfilling and deliciously passionate life you love, you have to take risks and step out of your comfort zone. That inevitably means facing your biggest fears. You feel fear when you try to control the outcome and figure everything out yourself. This often leads to ... Read more »

What Trust Really Means.

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What does it mean to trust? In order to attract what you want you have to get really good at "going with the flow" and stepping into a place of trust. That means believing with every fibre of your being that things will turn out in the right and perfect time and for your highest good. That's ... Read more »

3 Ways to Get Out of a Funk.

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As someone who is deliberately creating a life I love and teaching others to do the same, staying in the flow of "high vibes" is really up there on my daily to do list. But I am human and experience the occasional mental or physical funk that slows me down and can derail me. Getting back on the ... Read more »

A Simple Strategy to Be More Productive.

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Do you wake up feeling stressed because of all the things you want to accomplish in a day? Do you go to bed feeling stressed because of all the things you didn't accomplish in a day? Chances are you have a case of "unproductivitus" a real condition that I just made up. If you're anything ... Read more »

Strategies for Sensitive People.

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Do you curse yourself for being sensitive? When you get criticized or are surrounded by negativity, do you feel deflated and weak? Instead of looking at your sensitivity as a liability, I want you to embrace it. After all, it's part of what makes you, you. Being a sensitive person myself, I ... Read more »