Attention Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners!

Are you struggling to get new ideal clients?

Does the lack of money coming in stress you out?

Do you feel like you're stuck and can't seem to move forward?

Do you sometimes wonder if you're really cut out to be successful in your own business?

You may be unaware of it, but a very powerful force is at work in your life right now. It’s called the Law of Attraction and at this very moment, it’s attracting people, opportunities, situations and relationships into your life and business. Unfortunately not all of them are good! But you can turn things around.

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Feel Happy Fast- Encore Presentation

It’s summer! Things are naturally slowing down and you want to relax and have more fun and feel happy. But you may feel too guilty to give in to your pleasures. Or maybe you feel torn between what you want to do and what you should do. This negative energy causes you to feel stressed out, ... Read more »

What I Loved About Inside Out.

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This past weekend I went to see the new Disney Pixar movie Inside Out. Here's the summery taken from "After young Riley is uprooted from her Midwest life and moved to San Francisco, her emotions - Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness - conflict on how best to navigate a new city, house ... Read more »

It’s All About Your Vibes.

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If you want to deliberately create and attract what you want, you must first understand this key rule about Law of Attraction. The rule is, if you're attracting it, you're sending out the vibe about it. So, if you don't like the results you're receiving in any area of your life, you have to check ... Read more »

Say This and Change Your Life.

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In order to attract what you want and change your life there is a formula. You have to get clear about your desire, focus on it and then allow it to come into your life. This third step is where many people drop the ball. To allow something in means you have to be willing to say yes to new ... Read more »

How to Be More Productive.

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  How to be more productive -- it can seem like a futile quest, but it doesn't have to be. It's just a matter of implementing a few key strategies that set you up for success and sticking to them. In this video, you'll learn 4 best practices to do on a daily basis, so you can start ... Read more »

Use This Word to Empower You.

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When you are stuck in a rut or going through a major transition, it's easy to feel victimized. You naturally want to ask "Why is this happening to me?" When you use the "why me" question, you feel like things are out of your control or you have no choice but to settle and coast through whatever ... Read more »

Feeling Turbulent During a Transition?

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Many people think if they are putting in the effort to achieve their business goals, sort through their relationship issues, or are sticking to their weight loss regimen that everything should be a walk in the park. Wrong! While the foundation is being laid and figured out, things tend to look ... Read more »

How to Be a More Positive Person.

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Are you generally a positive person? Or do you tend to gravitate to the negative side of life? Maybe you focus too much on what's frustrating, painful or what just downright sucks. Here’s the deal, it’s okay. We all get stuck in a low-vibe vortex from time to time. But with a few simple shifts ... Read more »

How to Deal With What You Can’t Control.

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Life can get hectic. As much as we try or would like to be able to control the outcome and have things work out perfectly, it rarely happens like that. In fact, when you are so invested in the "figuring it out" mode, you add stress, fear and doubt to an already pressured situation and you stop the ... Read more »

Start Small When You’re Afraid to Fail.

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Do you ever stop yourself from starting a new project or making a move because you feel as if you don't know enough? Or you're too afraid to fail and make a mistake so you're stuck in perfection paralysis? Or maybe you're comparing yourself to others and think you don't have what it takes to succeed ... Read more »