Attention Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners!

Are you struggling to get new ideal clients?

Does the lack of money coming in stress you out?

Do you feel like you're stuck and can't seem to move forward?

Do you sometimes wonder if you're really cut out to be successful in your own business?

You may be unaware of it, but a very powerful force is at work in your life right now. It’s called the Law of Attraction and at this very moment, it’s attracting people, opportunities, situations and relationships into your life and business. Unfortunately not all of them are good! But you can turn things around.

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How to Attract More Money and Abundance

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Are you blocking your ability to attract money and abundance into your life? You may not think you are but if you're focusing on what you don't have or are stuck in limiting thoughts around your ability to make money, keep money or if you deserve to have money, you are actually repelling it from ... Read more »

7 Cool Ways to Use Essential Oils!


For years I suffered with anxiety, PMS, digestive issues and the inability to fall asleep. I pretty much popped synthetic pills to help me get through my pain and discomfort. I remember a few years ago, I heard someone talking about essential oils and how they used them instead of medicine. I ... Read more »

How to Get Over the Fear of Being Judged.

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Ah, judgment. For some of us, the fear of being judged can feel SO scary that it stops us from doing anything. It doesn't matter how heartfelt or good intentioned your work is, we all know there's a good chance "haters gonna hate". And these days, it's easy to be judgmental and critical because ... Read more »

How to Motivate Others to Take Action

How to Motivate Others to Take Action

Have you ever wanted to motivate your spouse, kids, team members, prospects, your downline or anyone else to take ACTION on a goal or vision? Of course you have. As much as we try to do everything ourselves, we know in order to succeed, we must seek the help of others. So how can we ... Read more »

How to Spring into Action

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Is there something that you've been dreaming about doing? Something that you visualize, imagine and think about constantly? But you don't actually take any kind of action on? Maybe it's to leave your current job, start a brand new venture or decide to start dating again. Whatever it is, so ... Read more »

3 Steps to Live a Life You Love.

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So many of my clients have shared with me that they aren't happy with their current situation but don't know how to change it. They feel stuck in their job, relationship, stage of life or are unclear of what they even want. I get it. I've been there. And I've also done the "work" to shift my ... Read more »

Need More Focus? Try This!

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Let's be honest with each other. We're all super busy, with tons of "number 1" priorities that just have to get done, right? From parenting, to house work to self care and work/ business needs. Not to mention our little devices that cause massive distractions. It's overwhelming and when you ... Read more »

Follow Your Fear, it’s Good For You.

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What if I told you it's better and smarter for you to follow your fear instead of avoid it? Now I'm not suggesting you run into traffic or walk alone in a sketchy part of town in the middle of night. That kind of fear is worth staying away from. I'm talking about the fear of starting something ... Read more »

How to Stop Feeling Responsible for Other People’s Happiness.

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I’m excited to share this post on feeling responsible for other people's happiness, because I know this topic will resonate with so many of you. Recently, a friend was telling me about her marriage that is falling apart and what a rough time she is having. I remember feeling the urge and almost ... Read more »

How to Get Over the Fear of Rejection.

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This fear is a doozie! It influences everything from how deep and connected your relationships are, your success in your career, to asking for anything you want in your life. It is the key to unlock your true growth and potential -- or what will continue to hold you back, cause you to retreat ... Read more »