How to Create a Healthy Work/Life Balance.

We live in a fast paced world. Trying to find a healthy work/life balance that we can maintain seems to be as challenging as getting through an entire function wearing heels.

You have the ability to choose how you want things to be and to write your own set of rules.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, starting a new job, or employed by someone else, you have a choice about how you work. You can continue to run yourself ragged and believe that’s the only way or make your self-care and well-being a priority which leads to working more productively. While it’s true that you work to make money, leading with this sole intention can be dangerous to your health. It often means you’ll work yourself to the bone, sacrifice your happiness and deplete your energy.

It’s a myth to believe that working harder and under pressure makes you more productive. Too much stress actually blocks creativity and stops the flow of abundance from coming to you. Have you ever thought of one of your best ideas in the shower? Or on vacation? It’s because you were relaxed and at ease. You were in the right frame of mind to receive.

Here are a new set of rules that I want you to consider putting into place. They will allow you to be more productive and create a healthy work/life balance.

1) Take a real lunch break. Walk away from your desk and engage in something that is non-work related. For example, read a book, sit in a park, chat with a friend or go for a walk.

2) Create actual working hours and stick to them.

3) Delegate whatever tasks drain you.

4) Clear the clutter that surrounds you.

5) Work on projects that you’re excited about.

6) Only tell supportive people what you’re up to.

7) Say no to things you don’t want to do.

8) Remove distractions and focus on the task at hand.

9) Honour your feelings and nurture yourself.

Action Challenge

Create your own set of rules. Use the ones above that resonate with you and start to integrate them into your daily life. Take notice of how your workday and personal life improve.

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