Law of Attraction Made Easy Inner Circle Program

Are you ready to get serious about developing a powerfully positive mindset so you can deliberately create a rich, full and delicious business and life you love?


If you want to experience a happier and more joyful quality of life, you must improve the quality of your words, thoughts and feelings. 

Developing a positive mindset is the most important thing you can do for deliberately creating the life you want.

So, how’s your mindset on a daily basis?  

I want to share a powerful resource for shifting and reframing negativity and cultivating the kind of mindset that naturally creates the life you desire, with an abundance of greater health, success and happiness!   

If you decide you want to be in a serious, committed relationship, would you get engaged after the first date?

If you decide you want to get into better shape, would you exercise only once?

If you decide you want to start your own business, would you expect to have a full practice immediately?

(If you answered “yes” we definitely need to talk!)

In order to be successful in any area of your life, you need to be deliberate, intentional and consistent.  And you must be positive and stay focused on how you want things to be, not how they currently are.

I know you understand this on a logical level, so why is it so hard to do?

One reason is most people aren’t aware that they are being negative.

NEWSFLASH! Even nice, kind-hearted and loving people can give off a negative vibration.

Let’s use the “People Pleaser” as an example. She is at your beck and call. She says yes to every demand that is asked of her. And on most days, she’s running around doing everything for everyone else because all she wants to do is please the people around her.

But let’s take a closer look. She’s probably exhausted, burnt out, unhealthy (because she has no time to eat a well balanced meal or exercise), and chances are she feels out of balance, stressed out and resentful.

While she may be saying yes to you with a smile on her face, inside she’s a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. The feelings she gives off are negative. Which will only attract more negative results.

What you may not realize is that your negative words, thoughts, feelings and behaviours are preventing you from getting the positive results you want.

Thoughts like,

It’s hard to make money.”  “I don’t deserve it.”  “I’ll never be able to afford that.” “I’m always going to be fat.” “I’ll never be in a healthy relationship.”

Sound familiar?

The worst part about this is that you may not even be aware that you are projecting these negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. So many of them are buried in your subconscious mind.

The universe is attracted to the energy or vibe that you send out. So if you’re saying negative things, feeling negative emotions or believing that you are limited in any way, the universe will match these negative vibes and send you more of the same.  Whether you know about it or not!

If you’re currently experiencing negative results in any area of your life (relationship, career, finances, health, overall well-being) that means you’re sending out a negative vibration about it. 

You can change that!

You need a program to show you step-by-step how to deliberately and consistently shift your mindset so you can create and attract a rich, full and delicious business and life you love!

Well today is your lucky day! (Although I don’t really believe in luck. You are meant to be here right now 😉

This is what I set out to do with my Law of Attraction Made Easy Inner Circle Program. Consistent use of this program helps you reprogram your mind so you can shift from negative thinking to positive results. Consistently! I often hear from my students how much they benefit from listening to the audios again and again. Repetition is key to creating new thoughts and beliefs.

Here’s what a few of my clients have said.

Before meeting Carly and joining the Inner Circle Membership I was unclear and hesitant what direction to go in life, in regards to many things but more specifically to a career. I began working on my contrast to clarity, focusing on giving positive energy and vibes to my desires and I also started working with a community development corporation in my area to help me find my ideal job. After searching the Internet for numerous weeks and applying to many jobs, I came across a job position online that fit exactly to my specific desires. I applied to the position, which matched exactly the job description I wanted, in the town where I wanted to work, with the number of hours per week I wanted to work and found out after I applied that I knew someone that worked there. A week and a half after applying I already had a phone interview, spend half of a day working at the office to see if I was a fit and was offered the job!! I have now been working there for two weeks and love where I am! I’m so happy how far I have come in the past few months!! I truly believe I was meant to meet you Carly at the women’s luncheon. Thank you for your help so far.

Katelynn Smith
Caledon, ON


When I first met Carly, I was in a very dark place.  I used to cry for hours over the loss of my marriage, and then beat myself up for all the things that I should have, could have, and ought to have said and done that would have saved my marriage.  At that time, I believed that my divorce was the worst thing that could have ever happened to me.  I couldn’t have been further from the truth!!!!Over the past six months, Carly has helped me to gain a new perspective on the events of the past few years.  I now realize that my divorce was not the end, rather it was a new beginning.  In this new chapter of my life, self-affirming dialogue now replaces the negative, unproductive chatter.  As I started counting my blessings, I found that there were too many to count! Carly has also helped provide me with the tools to develop a new vision for my life, and has shown me how to build a new life… that is filled with much love, peace, joy, and opportunities. 

Thank you, Carly, for helping me to love myself again, and teaching me how to attract the life I love.  The best is truly yet to come!I encourage you to give Carly Cooper a call.  I’m confident that she will be able to give you the tools, support, and encouragement you need to turn your life around, just as she did for me.

If you would like to speak to me, please feel free to email me at

Wishing you well,

Debra Wight
Brampton, ON


So what’s your mindset like?

How much of your day is spent complaining about something or someone? Focusing on what you don’t want or like about your situation? Worrying? Feeling stressed out? Anxious? Afraid?

Who do you spend the majority of your time with? Negative or positive people? What do you watch? Read? Are you spending most of your day doing what you love or hate?

Take a moment to really think about this because your answers will give you a clear indication of why you’re getting the results you’re getting.

I’m here to offer you a life-changing alternative.

I have created a step-by-step program that will guide you to reframe your words and thoughts and shift your mindset to be more positive.

Here’s What You Will Learn in the Law of Attraction Made Easy Program:

Lesson #1- Law of Attraction 101

In this session, Carly teaches you the basics about the Law of Attraction. You will understand how your moods, feeling, energy and vibes all effect the results you get. You’ll become more mindful about the words to use and avoid and how to shift your focus from what you don’t want to what you do want so you can begin the process of attracting it. Carly also reveals the 3 step formula to becoming a deliberate attractor.

Lesson #2- Become Crystal Clear About What You Want

In this session, Carly walks you through a simple yet transformational exercise that leaves you with total clarity about what you want to attract. This is the first step of the 3 step formula to be a deliberate attractor.

Lesson #3- Give Your Desire the Right Attention

The second step of the 3 step formula is giving your desire the right attention and focus. Carly explains why affirmations don’t always work and shares many proven strategies to help you quickly and easily attract what you want into your life.

Lesson #4- Manifest Your Desires Quickly and Easily

This is the third and most important step of the three step formula to become a deliberate attractor. In order to manifest anything into your life, you must learn how to allow it. (The hardest step for most people). Carly explains why your desires sometimes take time to show up and reveals a simple formula to allow them to manifest faster.

Lesson #5- Simple Tools for Easy Attraction

In this session, Carly shares with you 5 easy and practical tools and strategies to help you allow, remove doubt and keep your vibrations high and positive.

Lesson #6- Using Your Emotions as Your Guide

In this session, Carly uses the Comprehensive Emotional Scale to dive deep and show you how your emotions, moods and feelings have a direct impact on what you attract into your life. This awareness and knowledge is key to being able to positively shift and transform your life.

Lesson #7- A Four Step Formula for Removing Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs keep you stuck and prevent you from living up to your true potential. In this session, Carly teaches you a proven 4 step formula that removes the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Once you become aware of these beliefs and release them, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities.

Lesson #8- Seven Tips to Feel Better Fast

As much as you try to try to feel positive, joyful, happy and carefree every day, there are simply those times when you feel angry, anxious, or downright miserable. While it’s important to honour your feelings and really feel them in order to release them, it’s equally important to shift your negative energy to a higher or lighter vibration as soon as possible.  In this session Carly gives you seven tips to feel better fast.

Lesson #9- The Joy of Living Authentically

It’s very easy to get caught up in what you think you “should” do, how you “need” to act or be. When you live by everyone else’s rules, you move farther away from your truth and authenticity. In this session, Carly teaches you how to reconnect with your core values and realign yourself with what matters most to you.

Lesson #10- Become a Money Magnet Part 1

Learning to attract more money is something that everyone wants to learn how to do. But there are many factors involved and deliberate actions to take in order to become a money magnet. In the first of three lessons dedicated to this, Carly reveals  the first 3 tools to help you become more deliberate about sending an abundant vibe.

Lesson #11-  Become a Money Magnet Part 2

In this session, Carly teaches you how your observations and your feelings about what you observe have a direct impact on what you attract in your life. This step will take you out of your “lack” mentality into an abundant mindset. 

Lesson #12- Become a Money Magnet Part 3

In this final lesson and step of becoming a money magnet, Carly reveals more tools and strategies that help you attract more abundance and money into your life.

I have taken my many years of research, reading, learning and studying this stuff and created a simple yet incredibly powerful program with practical exercises, proven strategies and simple yet highly effective tools all rolled into one.

The sooner you believe and tap into your true potential, the more confident you’ll feel about yourself. When you send out “feel good” energy, the more positivity you will naturally attract.

When I first heard about the Law of Attraction and really started to apply it to my life, things changed dramatically for me. You can read more about my story by clicking here. 

It was then that I knew my calling and purpose was to teach and share this information with as many people as I possibly could.

So… here it is…

The Law of Attraction Made Easy Program 

Here’s what you get:

  • 12 Module Curriculum: Every two weeks you’ll get an audio lesson emailed to your inbox. This is a recording of me teaching you one step of the 12 steps of my Law of Attraction Made Easy Program.
  • Transcripts of each recording so you can easily follow along.
  • 12 Weekly Gratitude Emails to keep your vibrations high and positive.
  • One 30 minute private 1:1 call with Carly each month
  • One Live Monthly Group Q & A call: Each month you will gain access to a 60 minute live call with me and the other members. Listen in and ask your questions on any challenges you may be facing. So many of my members tell me that they get their most pressing question answered by listening to another person ask it on the Q & A. And they love the friendships, interaction and support they receive from the other members.
  • Coaching exercises: After each lesson you will receive coaching questions and exercises to help you implement the tools and strategies into YOUR life. These action-oriented assignments will create tremendous shifts and transformations.
  • Recording Downloads: You will get all the Q&A recording downloads so you can listen as many times as you want. (Download them to your device and listen on the go!)
  • Private Member Site: Your private member site is your home base for this entire program! There you will have access to the audio recordings, modules, Q&As, your coaching questions and exercises and that’s where you’ll answer all your exercises too…online! All kept for you in one place, accessible from anywhere in the world at any time! This is a 12 module online program!
  • Private Facebook Group: Surround yourself with an amazing group of like-minded people all on the same journey! Get support, clarity, accountability and extra love in the Private FB community!
  • SIX exciting months spent with me!
Would you like to apply for a scholarship?

It’s an extremely powerful program!

Looking back over the last 6 months, I have seen a great improvement in both my finances and positive vibrations. I started out the Inner Circle Membership worried, unsure, and completely scared. 6 months later, I am now confident, passionate, and determined to set my life course straight. The inner circle membership has been a great experience for me. It helped me find the right business and attract the right amount of money to make my life a lot more comfortable. Carly has been a great resource for me and my business. She has taught me to pay attention to the things I would like to attract. She has helped me re frame my thinking and also how to accept the things we put out into the universe. Thank you so much Carly for your guidance and support. I would definitely recommend this program to people who want to have a better life all around. I now have peace of mind. And I was able to attract the life Iwanted with the help of Carly’s coaching and law of attraction inner circle membership program. Thanks again Carly!!

Jeanette Manrique
Community Services Pre Need Advisor Dignity Memorial

If I sold all of this as a one-time package, it would be worth well over a thousand dollars.  But I believe so strongly in sharing this content with as many people as I can and I recognize that not everyone is in a financial position to invest so much in a program.

To be able to make all of this available, the only thing that made sense was a membership site.  This way, you have ongoing access to all the recordings and modules.

And since I continue to lead live Q&A calls, new material will be added each month! 

Oh… and did I mention that it’s a lot of fun?  Chances are you’ve heard some of my work, seen some of my YouTube videos, or have followed me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so you know that I like to spice up this Law of Attraction stuff with a healthy dose of humor.  It’s all about joy and happiness, right?

This is a powerful resource for helping you realize that you are worthy and deserving of having more love, joy, fulfillment, success, happiness and abundance in your life.

Commit yourself to consistent positive programming, make use of this resource, and you WILL become happier, healthier and more successful—making yourself an increasingly irresistible magnet to whatever you desire!

If you are new to Law of Attraction then you are in for a treat.  Law of Attraction is a universal law that is surrounding you right now and is responding to the energy you’re sending out. Whether you believe it, understand it or are even aware of it or not. It’s a science!

If you are already familiar with LOA, you will learn simple and practical tools and strategies that will remind you how to deliberately tap into it every day and really live it.

Okay… so… how much are we talking here?

If you really make use of what is offered here, the difference you will experience in terms of how you feel about yourself and what you manifest in your life is priceless. I know what membership programs are going for — and I know what I could justifiably charge. 

But I’m on a mission.  I want this to be available to as many people as possible, because of the difference it can make not only for you but also those around you.  I’m up to something… creating a better world for our kids.  Helping you free yourself and step into your true potential so you can share your gifts with the world.

I know what you’re thinking. This sounds great but can I afford to do this???

There’s something to be said about investing in yourself and having “skin in the game.” If I just gave it away for free, chances are you wouldn’t take it as seriously or devote the time necessary to do the work.

So, for the time being, I am offering an extremely low special scholarship opportunity.

Would you like to apply for a scholarship?

It has been said that “Accountability Turns Pain into Peace.” And the best way to create lasting change in your life is to be held accountable. That’s why I’ve added additional private coaching support both in the form of monthly private phone sessions and feedback on all your exercises and assignments to ensure you’re on the right track and really getting this stuff..

6 months
Law of Attraction Made Easy Program (12 Lessons)
Transcripts of 12 Lessons
Weekly Gratitude Lesson
Private Coach-Client Communication Portal
One Live Monthly Group Q & A Call
Recordings of All Calls
Private Facebook Support Group
One 30 Minute Private Call/month
Feedback on All Lessons and Assignments

 Would you like to apply for a scholarship?


Click this link to schedule a complimentary “Get Shift Done Strategy Session” with me and I’d be happy to discuss the options in further detail and answer any questions you may have.

Do this for yourself and the people around you. Your joy and happiness affects all of us. And we’re waiting for you to share your gifts with us.

Here’s to deliberately creating a rich, full and delicious business and life you love!

Carly Cooper

P.S.  Remember, reprogramming and training your mind to be successful requires commitment.  This program is designed to make it easy and enjoyable.  Make the decision to invest in your happiness and success today!

P.P.S. Ask me about my scholarship enrolment fee. Contact me now!

P.P.P.S. I believe in sharing a good thing and helping people improve their lives. If you see value in the program, my videos or in anything else I provide, please pay it forward and tell someone you know to visit They can sign up to get four FREE videos too! Thanks!