Is the Universe Testing You?

When things don’t go your way do you ever look up to the heavens and ask “Why are you testing me Universe? What did I do to deserve this?”

Here’s the thing about the Universe. It doesn’t have a brain so it can’t possibly test you. And no offence, the Universe has plenty to do already. Picking on you and making your life a living hell isn’t on the list.

That said, things happen in our lives that sometimes suck. Or maybe your entire life feels like a train wreck. Believe it or not, the Universe is actually sending you a big wake up call and doing you a huge favour.

In this video I share another way to look your situation that will have you thanking the Universe. Check it out and feel free to leave comments below.

Got something to share?  I’d love to know…Look at a negative situation you are you facing right now. How can you see it with fresh eyes and thank the Universe? 

Please share your comments below. This is about community. We’re all going through this together so let’s help and support each other!

As always, thank you for reading, watching and contributing!

Here’s to getting shift done and creating a rich, fulfilling and delicious life you love!

Carly Cooper

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