Say This and Change Your Life.

In order to attract what you want and change your life there is a formula. You have to get clear about your desire, focus on it and then allow it to come into your life. This third step is where many people drop the ball.

To allow something in means you have to be willing to say yes to new opportunities even if they appear different then how you imagined. This is really hard for type A, control freaks. You want what you want when you want it!

Fortunately it doesn’t work that way. I say fortunately because when you are able to let go, detach from the outcome of how you want it to be and say yes to what your heart wants, the universe delivers something bigger and better than what you could have imagined for yourself.

In this video, I challenge you to say this word (you’ll have to watch to see what the word is) more often. Brace yourself because when you do, you will change your life.

Check it out!

Got something to share?  I’d love to know… What are you afraid to say yes to? Write down why your heart wants you to say yes.  

Please share your comments below. This is about community. We’re all going through this together so let’s help and support each other!

As always, thank you for reading, watching and contributing!

Here’s to getting shift done and creating a rich, fulfilling and delicious life you love!

Carly Cooper

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