What is Law of Attraction Coaching?
As your Law of Attraction Coach, I will teach you to understand and implement the universal Law of Attraction and help you shift your mindset so you can consistently and deliberately attract positive results in your life and business.

How does Law of Attraction Coaching work?
Each session is  45 minutes or 30 minutes (depending on your program preference) and is conducted over the phone. I require that all clients sign a “Coaching Agreement Contract” and send payment before starting our work together (I send this to you in advance).

I created the Law of Attraction Made Easy Program that teaches you basic principles, life changing tools and strategies that you can apply to any area in your professional or personal life. My coaching is customized to your needs, so everything that we discuss in the sessions is directly related to you and what you desire in your life. We will create a plan and action steps together to move you towards attracting all that you desire.

How many sessions do I need?
It depends on your progress and what you want to manifest into your life. Just like if you wanted to build muscle in your body, that growth and strength training takes time. My programs are a minimum of 6 months and many of my clients choose to continue on for longer periods of time.  This way you can actually see things change and manifest during the program. After the 6 months, you can evaluate where you are and decide to continue with more sessions or contact me when you need a “Carly fix.”

What packages do you offer?
I have different programs at different price points to suit every budget. It’s best to schedule a complimentary Get Shift Done Strategy Session with me so we can discuss which program is right for you. 

Each program includes the Law of Attraction Made Easy curriculum, lots of practical assignments and plenty of support and accountability to keep you on track.  Clients take a minimum of 6 months of working together to apply all the steps, sometimes longer, and enjoy incredible results in both their business and life.  Remember though, this is only for people who are truly serious about getting results.


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