Success Stories

For years I struggled with thoughts of whether I deserved certain aspects of my life; did I deserve to be on an incredible vacation in Spain? Did I deserve to get into medical school? And as a medical student, I spent the majority of my first year affected by debilitating fears of failure. Carly, and her Inner Circle Program, helped me re-frame my thoughts and to question the thoughts crossing my mind. Over 6 months, Carly helped me change my mind set, and she helped me pass school! As I enter into my second year of medical school, I have started the term off with a new mindset and attitude and am excited about the upcoming school term. Thank you for helping me!

Charlie Goodman
Toronto, ON
I have been an avid student of Law of Attraction for many years. I recently found myself in need of a little boost and found Carly. Her insightful questions and genuine caring really helped to augment what I was doing and steer me back to what I know are the essentials. Carly is kind, wise and informative and I would recommend her services to those who are new to LOA as well as old timers who have been immersed in the teachings for some time.

Andrea Wachter, LMFT
Co-author of Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Breaking the "I Feel Fat” Spell
Co-author of The Don't Diet, Live-It Workbook
Author of Getting Over Overeating for Teens
OK are a rock star!!!!! So I don't contribute much to this group but I do follow along and Carly has been pushing me a long the way to work through my stuff and get shift done...I am happy to say that after 1 year of work...I know there is more to do...I have really shifted my life...from a frustrated and a little lost stay at home starting a business and just launched my website by my goal Dec 1! Wow crazy....thank you Carly for being so awesome!

Angie Goodfellow
I have felt, for the last couple of years, a desire to start a new business in addition to my current job and busy family life (mother of four).

My problem was that I didn’t know where and how to start, I thought I couldn’t do what I was doing and start something new as well. I saw the whole picture and I was frightened and anxious about the process and only saw limitations. The doubt, negative and limited beliefs of my desires unfortunately affected, in some way, my life…. I didn’t realize but I had become very anxious, somehow angry, resentful….

I knew I needed someone to help me focus and guide me. I remembered that Carly Cooper had come to my office back in 2012 for a short seminar and I still had the memory of having loved everything she had said. I looked at her website, briefly discussed over the phone and that was it.  I joined the Carly’s Law of Attraction Made Easy Program and from there I have only seen great shifts in my and my family’s life.

It is all about your thoughts and desires so you have to learn how to manifest your positive feelings and attract what you want and very important is to define what you want and how will you accomplish it.

I now know exactly what I want, I can still add, and take away and the great thing is that I know how to do it, I have my attention, focus and desire towards it … I am in the process and is working extremely well.  In the meantime, work is great, I am getting many referrals, and I feel very grateful of the awesome clients I have that make my job extremely gratifying.  Family life is less stressful, I use a lot of what I have learned at home especially when the kids start blubbing negative things about something, someone, and a situation.

I am happier, calmer, and more confident now, and I know that my potential is infinite, of course, with the proper mind set!

THANKS Carly for your lessons, your presence, your many extremely wise advices, for making me feel, in that first non-client phone call that it was going to be okay.

Marlene Jaegerman
Harvey Kalles Real Estate, Brokerage

I started with Carly's Law of Attraction made easy program for four reasons. 1) I was struggling to start a business that I simply *had* to make work. 2) Statistically speaking, retaining a coach and joining a community increases an entrepreneur's rate of success. 3) Carly had impressed me as a person both with her positive attitude and her ability to (literally) perform under pressure. 4) I was feeling daunted and negative because of an ongoing family and financial issue and I knew, again statistically speaking, that I needed to acquire a more positive outlook in order to achieve the level of success that would help me and my family thrive.

During my weeks in the program, Carly was not only supportive and helpful but, also, taught solid techniques for being more mindfully positive in my approach to my life. She gave me great advice, put up with my shenanigans and, generally, gave me the encouragement I needed to shift my mindset at a time in which I felt I was slipping. As a result, I am rarely plagued by fear or doubt, - even easily weathering knock-backs that would have severely daunted me in the past. I have been able to acquire great clients and I can definitely see how I will reach my goals.

Speaking as someone who was climbing out of a deep hole, I am sure that Carly's coaching, attitude, and advice will be an agent for truly positive change in your life. I feel so grateful to have had her guidance and support and am going to continue our relationship. I highly recommend her.

Jacqui Burke
Jaybird Social Media
Carly is amazing. She can always find the write words to explain your situation and to give you the bright future prospective. She really understands the challenges and provides the guidance to leave them behind. I really recommend everyone to take her program as it will open your mind to different way of thinking and living your life. Thank you for your guidance, Carly!

Yan Fikh
Carly is an incredible coach. As someone who is a recovering perfectionist, she has helped me to realize that I can only attract good things into my life if I feel good. Her coaching style feels like having a drink with a girlfriend, but one who will tell it to you straight. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to have a fuller, more amazing life.


Carrie Adelstein

I’ve worked with Carly for over a year, and during this time my whole life has changed in so many positive ways I cannot even begin to count them.

I entered into Carly's coaching program because, as a business owner, I knew I needed to work on my inner game in order to reach my goals. To merely state that her coaching has positively impacted my business, as well as my life, would be a gross understatement. When I began with Carly, I was stuck and struggling in my business to the point where it had become a chore and a drain on my energy. I was tired of working so hard and getting nowhere, but still determined to make it work.

I started working with Carly's program, and together with her outstanding coaching style, I began to take a hard and honest look at what I really wanted with my business. Fast forward a couple of months later, and I had moved ahead by leaps and bounds with a brand new business, accomplishing more in that small timeframe than I had in the 3 previous years! Ideas and opportunities were flowing like crazy, and continue to do so daily. My whole business is now transformed into exactly what I want and what fits perfectly with me and my personality.

What’s even more awesome is that my personal life has been transformed as well. I have gone from being frustrated and unhappy with myself at most times, to a place of self-love and self-acceptance and being happy about who I am.

The inner game is everything! My results have been truly amazing, and I am extremely appreciative and grateful to have had this opportunity to work with Carly, she is the best!

Kathy Ashley
Owner/Creator of
I am thankful for having completed Carly's Laws of Attraction Made Easy Program. Carly's guidance helped me clarify my work vision, practice being present, encouraged me to let go of old habitual thought patterns and helped me get in touch with a sense of gratitude about my life. Carly's careful questioning allowed me to clarify what I wanted which helped me hone the signal I was emitting to the universe. I learned that the universe responds to my signal by amplifying whatever message it receives. By nurturing and trusting myself I notice my professional practice blossoming in response. I experience being in the flow with the universe through my discussions with Carly, her weekly questions and her comments. Her optimism and unwavering faith in the work helped me stay engaged and inspired throughout the six months. This program helped me let go of limiting beliefs and personal road blacks to continue to manifest my professional dreams.

Elisse Peltz
Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher
I highly recommend Carly Cooper. Before working with her I believed in Law of Attraction but didn't understand it properly. Her program helped me learn specific tips to apply it to my personal life and business. As a result, I am more focused on the present and find it easier to get clear about what I want, but dettach from the outcome at the same time. Carly knows her stuff and tells it like it is (but kindly)! For more information about what I do and free business strategy tips, visit

Leyla Razeghi
Thank you, Carly for your wonderful work and generosity in your presence and creating this course on implementing the Law of Attraction. This program has helped me grow my business, not only in clientele, but in services I now offer. I've gone from one client to six! I've also had many more client interviews so there will likely be more coming down the pipeline, so to speak! After all, many seeds eventually turn into a garden, it just takes a little time. I've also felt incredibly supported in this time of transition, from initially despairing over job loss, to feeling more confident and able to move forward in my business.

I love all of your lessons and they've all come together concisely. I always feel like each lesson and assignment is simple and doable and builds on the previous lesson. I also appreciate the 'mastermind' community on Facebook and the group calls you've created--being with my 'tribe' brings up my vibration especially when I'm just 'having one of those days' and reminds me that making my goals a reality is possible. I know it's true because I have proof. The little tidbits you've given me throughout the course have stuck and our monthly one-on-one call is extremely helpful, especially in raising my vibration and having some accountability. Thank you so much again, Carly. I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Christine Forde
Writer, Coach & Fitness Instructor
Carly is an amazing person and coach, who has helped me through a difficult period of transition. She gave me the courage and clarity to leave a career which I had once loved, but which I had outgrown. She supported me and kept me accountable and on track as I explored new options and began to establish myself in a new career. After only a few months of working with Carly, I am much more positive and open to new opportunities, and am working at something I really enjoy. Carly is an excellent coach, who gives honest and objective advice. She’s helped me to gain clarity about what I really want and need in my life, and encouraged me to take action when necessary. I highly recommend Carly’s program to anyone who is at a crossroads and would benefit from her positivity, guidance and wisdom.

Gina Galway

Before participating in Carly's Law of Attraction Made Easy program, I had a lot of fear, doubt, anxiety, uncertainty, negativity, anger. Bad things and experiences in my daily life. I didn't want any of it but I kept getting more of what I didn't want.

During the program I was gently but surely steered on to the right path on how to raise my vibration high and how to stay there. Each of Carly's lessons felt like it was designed only and exactly for me, and to turn my life experiences for the better and for what I wanted, I was getting. And continue to get. Sometimes I would procrastinate to do my lesson, only to have something happen that was exactly what I needed to experience for that particular lesson. Each lesson hit the spot "spot on". As a result of Carly's program my life and business has been re-born and I am living my life with confidence that I can have it all exactly how I want it. My business improved tremendously, my income has gone up by 1/3, and continues on the upward scale. I attract the kind of clients that I want, and want to work with.  
Also I am a changed person for the better in the personal growth category. I am confident and strong in myself. I am also involving my child so he can attract his joyful and delicious life. My advice for those "thinking" about taking Carly's course-

You should have already started, yesterday! Because if life has steered you into Carly's way, you need Carly's course to change your life, and it WILL!

Edit Nagy
Refre(shhh) Esthetics
"....tell everyone"
North York, ON
Carly wasted no time in helping me break free of the the things that were weighing me down so that I could focus on growing my business. She has a sixth sense for what's really brewing below the surface — and she is not afraid to call me on it and help me realize that the only thing stopping me is me. It's no coincidence that things change drastically for the better once you start working with Carly— it's Carly.

Ilana Schwartz
Owner, editwrite Toronto, ON
Looking back over the last 6 months, I have seen a great improvement in both my finances and positive vibrations. I started out the Inner Circle Membership worried, unsure, and completely scared. 6 months later, I am now confident, passionate, and determined to set my life course straight. The inner circle membership has been a great experience for me. It helped me find the right business and attract the right amount of money to make my life a lot more comfortable. Carly has been a great resource for me and my business. She has taught me to pay attention to the things I would like to attract. She has helped me re frame my thinking and also how to accept the things we put out into the universe. Thank you so much Carly for your guidance and support. I would definitely recommend this program to people who want to have a better life all around. I now have peace of mind. And I was able to attract the life I wanted with the help of Carly's coaching and law of attraction inner circle membership program. Thanks again Carly!!

Jeanette Manrique
Community Services Pre Need Advisor Dignity Memorial,
Carly Cooper and the Law of Attraction Made Easy Program has changed my life for the better.  Her methods are so easy to follow and the results, for me, have come quickly.  Carly has an incredibly powerful positive energy that is contagious.  I have felt an increases in my personal positive energy since working with her.  I feel more happy in my life and in my work and I attribute this to Carly Cooper and the Law of Attraction Made Easy Program.  Before working with Carly, I had negative thoughts and feelings that at times got in the way of my enjoyment of my work and my home life.  I worried about debt and financial scarcity many days of the week.  I spent a lot of time counting money in my head, or trying to sort out how I was going to make more money.  My thoughts were circular.  I realized that some of the thoughts had been repeating themselves over several years.  Before working with Carly, I often felt that time was passing me by with my young children and that there wasn’t enough joy in our household.  I was too stressed out about money!

Since working with Carly, my overall well-being has dramatically improved.  I feel grateful for what I have and I focus on this every day.  It comes naturally to me now.  This has changed the lens through which I view everything in my life.  Doing the Law of Attraction Made Easy Program has taken me through a logical sequence of activities that I enjoy doing.  These assignments, along with my coaching calls with Carly, have led me to attract more of what I want and need in my life.  My workplace contributes to my annual retirement savings plan, I received a raise, and new medical benefits all since working with Carly!

I would be happy to talk to anyone about Carly Cooper and her Law of Attraction Program.  I believe what Carly offers is unique and effective in so many different work/life situations.


JJ (Jennifer Jupp)
Director, Camp Wanapitei
Before meeting Carly and joining the Inner Circle Membership I was unclear and hesitant what direction to go in life, in regards to many things but more specifically to a career. I began working on my contrast to clarity, focusing on giving positive energy and vibes to my desires and I also started working with a community development corporation in my area to help me find my ideal job. After searching the internet for numerous weeks and applying to many jobs, I came across a job position online that fit exactly to my specific desires. I applied to the position which matched exactly the job description I wanted, in the town where I wanted to work, with the number of hours per week I wanted to work and found out after I applied that I knew someone that worked there. A week and a half after applying I already had a phone interview, spend half of a day working at the office to see if I was a fit and was offered the job!! I have now been working there for two weeks and love where I am! I'm so happy how far I have come in the past few months!! I truly believe I was meant to meet you Carly at the women's luncheon. Thank you for your help so far.

Katelynn Smith
Caledon, ON
When I first met Carly, I was in a very dark place.  I used to cry for hours over the loss of my marriage, and then beat myself up for all the things that I should have, could have, and ought to have said and done that would have saved my marriage.  At that time, I believed that my divorce was the worst thing that could have ever happened to me.  I couldn’t have been further from the truth!!!!

Over the past six months, Carly has helped me to gain a new perspective on the events of the past few years.  I now realize that my divorce was not the end, rather it was a new beginning.  In this new chapter of my life, self-affirming dialogue now replaces the negative, unproductive chatter.  As I started counting my blessings, I found that there were too many to count! Carly has also helped provide me with the tools to develop a new vision for my life, and has shown me how to build a new life… that is filled with much love, peace, joy, and opportunities.  Thank you, Carly, for helping me to love myself again, and teaching me how to attract the life I love.  The best is truly yet to come!

I encourage you to give Carly Cooper a call.  I’m confident that she will be able to give you the tools, support, and encouragement you need to turn your life around, just as she did for me.

If you would like to speak to me, please feel free to email me at

Wishing you well,

Debra Wight
Brampton, ON
Thanks for the great information Carly. I loved the fact I could walk out my door everyday and implement what you just suggested and I saw results immediately. I normally think before I speak but I found I took an additional minute and in doing so changed the dynamics of the conversation!

Elaine Gilbert
Kitchener, ON
"Carly’s coaching helped me to get rid of negativity and control issues I had. She taught me simple but invaluable techniques to clear the negative emotions and change my mindset to be more positive. I learned that it’s important to pay attention to my dreams, desires and the things I would like to attract in my life. I still have a lot of work to do, but I am now a happier person who is grateful for what the Universe brings into my life. Thank you, Carly!"

Rita Lagoutine
Like most women I know, I have many roles to play each day. I came to Carly with a variety of different aspects of my life I wanted to address.  I needed balance, direction, and an overall push to get to the next level. Carly’s energized and focused approach helped me set goals and strategies very quickly and efficiently.  Her philosophy of living deliberately gave me the kick in the pants that I needed to step over that threshold and find happiness and success in many areas of my life. Thanks, Carly!

Cynthia Kinnunen
Partner, CKBC Communications
For years I’ve been having trouble sifting through the anxiety-ridden thoughts in my mind. Carly helped me figure out what the basis behind my issues were, and how to realize what I wanted by saying these things out loud. I now feel myself thinking clearer and know how to go after what I want…and I’ve been getting it.

Andrea E.
Toronto, ON
Carly has the knack for listening unconditionally. She has helped me find solutions to many issues and always has a great sense of humour to go along with her guidance. Carly’s greatest strength is her innate way of peeling back the layers. This helped me realize the next steps I needed to take in order to move forward and onward. I would recommend her to anyone who wants help being coached in managing any problem be it personal or professional.

Samantha B.
Toronto, ON
Before I started my coaching with Carly my life was unhealthy, full of stress and anxiety, constant busyness and no time for myself. Now that I have worked with Carly over the past 4 months I feel a major shift has taken place in my life. I now am making time to read and do the things I used to enjoy. I have learned to recognize some of my stress triggers and am starting to eliminate what I can and now have a process in place to deal with my stress in a much healthier way. I believe my confidence and self-esteem have increased as well as my stress level has decreased. My coaching with Carly has helped me to identify certain triggers to my emotions and stress levels and has helped me discover fresh ways in dealing with them. As a wife and mom with five grown children, Carly has been a real joy to work with and has helped me in understanding and deepening relationships at home, family, work. Thank you Carly!

Jennifer Fischer
Guelph, Ontario
I reached to Carly for help at a time when almost everything in my life looked hopeless. That sounds pretty dramatic, doesn’t it? I was fed up with therapy because, even though talking gave me comfort, I wasn’t shown how to put one foot in front of the other. The garbage stayed where it was. I was and am at home with two little kids, living with a man who showed no interest in me, feeling unmotivated to make my own life something like what I wanted it to be. I felt bad that I wasn’t what I thought other people thought I should be. Since my sessions with Carly, I uncovered strengths that had long been hiding, and allowed myself to have courage to stand up for what I believe in and the things I want. I came up with an idea for an at-home business that suits my creativity. I realized I don’t have to put up with things that keep me from getting the most out of my life. Carly posed a lot of hard questions and gave me homework that helped me gain perspective on a ton of things that were holding me back. I always looked forward to talking to her because of her obvious vitality and the ease I felt in opening up to her. She’s a terrific person. My life isn’t perfect by any means, but I have gained a certain strength in handling things that I didn’t feel entitled to before.

M. W.
Toronto, Ontario
When I first started with Carly Cooper I was lost. I had a fabulous but demanding job and a wonderful family, but I was not being a very good employee, wife or mother. I was drowning trying to do all three “perfectly.” I felt like a flake, felt close to losing it all. Carly helped me dig deep to find out the reason for certain behaviours and then gave me the tools needed to correct what I wanted to change. She helped me set realistic expectations for myself, helped me to set goals and stick to them. Thanks to Carly’s guidance I no longer feel completely overwhelmed by my life. I am able to be present for my children, to appreciate my husband and to leave my work at work. I highly recommend working with Carly for anyone who wants to have a full life, but is struggling to make it all work. Do it. Your life will thank you for it.

Nadine Silverthorne
Toronto, Ontario
Before becoming a mother, I put in a lot of work toward personal growth: I tried my best to set goals, to find work I loved, and to foster a positive inner dialogue. Then along came motherhood, and it suddenly upended all of the ideas I thought I held about who I was! When I renewed my search to set personal goals, Carly’s coaching provided new insights that I had never considered. Carly asked thoughtful questions that inspired me to be honest with myself. She provided intelligent resources that were immediately useful. She was generous with her wisdom, and forthright with her perspective. She encouraged me to be the best women I could be, and provided forward-looking support for all of my goals, no matter what their size and scope. I will keep these ideas and resources in my personal toolkit for many years, and I thank Carly sincerely for the profound influence she’s had on me this year.

Mia Torr
Vancouver, BC
I turned to Carly as I felt very overwhelmed in my life trying to balance running my own business and being a mom. It was such a pleasure speaking with her each week. I really looked forward to our phone calls. She is a focused, active listener. She has a great way of looking at your situation and she helped me prioritize my tasks which helped me feel less overwhelmed.Carly has great insight and she helped me realize some fundamental concepts that needed my attention in order to make a real shift in my life. If you are committed to change and need some guidance along the way, you want Carly helping you out. She is kind and caring with deep intuition and knowledge. I highly recommend her as a life coach.

Ora Goldin
Richmond Hill, ON
All that I have to say is, thank you, thank you! I really have you to thank! I honestly never would have even submitted my name in the hat for this new job opportunity if it were not for the work we have done together over the last few months. I know I still have loads to work on (especially all this anxiety before I begin) but I can’t believe that I am about to make a move! You gave me the tools to do it. Thank you Carly!!! You are really helping me and I can’t thank you enough.

T. J.
Toronto, ON
Before I met Carly, I was always overwhelmed by trying to find balance in my life, between my responsibility to my family, my commitments to others, and my own happiness. I was constantly stressed. After working with Carly, I now feel like I have a whole collection of tools and strategies to help me be the best mother I can be and to feel good about the job that I am doing. Her guidance has been invaluable in reducing my stress, being more realistic in my expectations, and especially in managing my time so that I accomplish more and create some “me” time. Carly is incredibly gifted at taking all the craziness of motherhood, setting aside the stuff that doesn’t matter, and giving straightforward, encouraging advice to balance the rest.

Christie W.
Lincoln, NE