Success Stories

Carly has a gift for listening and understanding. I loved the way she was able to objectively look at my situation and provide advice and suggestions in a straightforward way. With her insight, my challenges seemed more like molehills than mountains; and with her guidance I have been able to make small but meaningful changes that make me a happier person and a better wife and mother. Thanks, Carly!

Oakville, ON
Carly was an incredible coach as I transitioned from my corporate job into the world of entrepreneurialism. Her strategies really helped me with time management, setting priorities, finding focus and overcoming objections. She was funny, supportive and I really looked forward to our call each week. Not only did she help me focus so that I could get my business off the ground but she helped me overcome the mommy-guilt I was feeling when my work took me away from my kids.

Sarah Rutka
Brampton, ON
Before working with Carly my life was unbalanced. I was feeling strained and stressed and not able to see clearly or break down my days so that I was able to be present in all facets of my life. As a result of working with Carly, I now have the proper tools to think clearly, to go after my dreams with conviction and confidence and still have time to enjoy with my family. Carly has helped me to tune in and be more authentic to myself. As a result, I’m a better wife, mother and on my way to making a great career change. I was struggling to see how I could juggle both my family life with goals of a new career. Carly helped me carve out a realistic plan. Carly is like a mother’s secret weapon. She is a brilliant listener, interpreter and a highly skilled coach. I highly recommend working with Carly.

Erika Veh
Toronto, ON
My coaching with Carly has helped me find the balance to building my start-up and being new mom. My time was with her was all well spent. She gave me the insight and tools to help me manage the trade-offs between being a parent and running a business. I would definitely recommend her to those seeking more balance in their lives or help identifying and prioritizing their goals.

Toronto, ON
As a mother, we tend to go-go-go, and never stop and think about “how can I make things easier/better?” The biggest benefit I received from my work with Carly was the dedicated time she encouraged me to take to think about and explore the trials and tribulations of my life. Taking an hour each week to talk about my challenges helped me to focus on what was really bothering me, and allowed me explore solutions. Carly helped me to stay grounded and go into what seemed like scary situations with some tools and confidence. I encourage all mothers who are feeling overwhelmed, or feeling like life should be a bit easier, to engage with Carly. She understands what it is like to be a mother in a generation where women want to do more than just stay home and bake fresh apple pies. ;-)

Nina Chandarana
Toronto, ON
Carly created an atmosphere where you could really look at the multifaceted areas of your life and analyze what works and what doesn’t. She took it even one step further, and helped create the systems, or address the actions that needed to be taken to make the non-working areas work. This can be challenging and uncomfortable, but after you make the changes, you cannot believe that you lived a different way! Carly provided a really safe place that was the highlight of my week during our sessions. You leave knowing you are not alone with the ups and downs of life!

Bianca Sprague
CEO- bebo mia
Carly taught me to not worry about the ‘how’, which is what myself and many people get caught up on. Now, if I want to do something, I think about why I want to do it and how it would feel if I did it, and then I get it done! Things fall into place and if I really want something now, I know I can do it without worrying about how I am going to get there or accomplish it. Thanks Carly Cooper!

Heather Jones
Director of Pregnancy for bebo mia, Birth Doula
Before working with Carly my life was guided by guilt. Carly helped me to see that I deserved more from my life. I deserve to be happy, I deserve to have fun and I deserve to feel valued.  This was a significant shift in my thinking, and one that has allowed me to explore the things that make me happy and go after them.  Carly assured me that my happiness would result in being a better mother and role model to my children. I would highly recommend working with Carly because it’s like having your best friend and mom wrapped into one – without all the baggage! Thank you Carly for always being supportive and non-judgmental.  I always felt safe talking to you and nothing was off-limits.  I appreciated how quickly you understood my “shtick” and appreciated it for what it was. And I loved that you always used humour and compassion.

Toronto, ON
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Carly both personally and professionally over the past year and I would highly recommend her life coaching services and Law of Attraction seminars.  We first met last year when I attended one of her seminars.  I was inspired to learn more so I contacted her for my own personal coaching.  After experiencing what an inspiration it was to work with Carly individually;  I knew I had to invite her to speak to our employees.  Carly has recently provided two sold out Law of Attraction seminars for our employees and the impact she had on our group is fantastic.   People are still buzzing about her seminar.

Justin Elie
Workplace Wellness Consultant Toronto ON
"When I signed up for Carly's Telecourse on "How to Attract More of What You Want  and Less of What You Don't Want"  I had no idea what was in store for me. Right away we learned tools and the impact of positive and negative energy/vibrations and words to eliminate from our vocabulary. Words that I used on a daily basis, probably several times a day without even knowing. Each week Carly taught us new skills to put into action in our daily lives. I was so excited to sit down, do the work and just give it over to the universe. I was truly blown away how things started to shift for me. From daily thoughts to bigger things I was looking to attract. Carly's energy, honesty and passion for the Law of Attraction, made each week such an enjoyable experience. She was there at all times, and was so happy to share in our shifts throughout the course. What I loved most, was Carly sharing so honestly with her experiences. Together like-minded people can grow and develop into our best selves. I am grateful for the knowledge I learned in this course. I was so excited to share with anyone who would listen. I am truly shocked when things shifted and started to become really clear. Thank you Carly, for opening up my world to Law of Attraction. Your honesty, knowledge, dedication, and guidance has been a huge part of my journey.  I'm so excited to continue learning and practicing all that you have in store. With lots of gratitude I thank you."

Lisa Sonshine
We had Carly Cooper conduct a seminar at our office on October 1, 2012. The title was How to Use Law of Attraction to Grow Your Business.

The feedback from our sales team was incredible.  Everyone had great take home value. Carly's seminar would be well received by any organization in any industry.  The message was presented in a clear, concise and helpful manner.

I would encourage anyone who would like to have a great seminar for their employees to contact Carly.

Michael Kalles, M.B.A.
President, Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd.
I’ve had the privilege of working with Carly as her success and business coach for the last 6 months, and she is absolutely an A-Player.  Once Carly decides on something and commits to a course of action, there is no stopping her.  As a Certified Law of Attraction trainer myself, I can attest to Carly’s knowledge, expertise and success in this field – and how she has coached others to transform their dreams and desires into reality.  As a life coach, published author, and Law of Attraction proponent and practitioner, you deserve to have Carly as your mentor.  She will help you attain the level of success and happiness you deserve and want for yourself.  I have advised Carly to accept only those individuals as clients who can also enrich her life.  Connect with her today to schedule an appointment!

Jim Alvino, Certified Law of Attraction Trainer and Facilitator
President and Founder of Monetize Your Niche, Inc.

I just want to share how the Law of Attraction is saving me time and my clients money. As a busy interior designer, I find myself relying on the Law of Attraction more and more. For years I’ve been using it to find great parking spaces. Since taking your online course, I have used it to find the PERFECT toss cushions, artwork, furniture and more. I just set the intention and walk in to a store or showroom and VOILA there it is! And it’s not just “any old”’s beyond amazing. AND SO MUCH FUN! One of my clients asked why I am so excited to find things so quickly, since I charge by the hour for my services. My answer is that my # 1 goal is always to provide the BEST service to my clients. That includes saving them money. Thanks for your help and guidance.

Shaila Gottlieb
President of Montdor Interiors
Toronto, ON
Carly taught me that my emotions, feelings and behaviors play a huge role in what happens in my life.....the more positive I am, the more positive things happen! I have incorporated what I learned in both my personal and professional life and the changes have been amazing! My family responds more positively and professional growth and opportunity is everywhere! Thank you universe....and Carly!!!

Kelly Connolly
Licensed Practical Nurse/ Self-Employed
Queens County Nova Scotia
Thanks so much for the inspiring teleclass, Carly. It really opened my eyes and put things into perspective both in my personal & professional life. Just what I needed. Thanks again!

Elise Tzurkov
Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist
Toronto, ON
Carly, you led a great call and did a fantastic job of making something which could seem overwhelming, attainable. Congratulations! PS. The 'don't hesitate...' is something I will change immediately!

Stephen J. Adler
Senior Manager, Leadership Giving
Toronto, ON
Carly, you have an amazing way of taking something not so simple, and breaking it down to be fantastically simple. I read the Secret and thought it a brilliant concept but couldn't grab on to it. I think you completely spelled out the problem for me when you spoke about being deliberate and going out and getting it. My major focus will be on how I speak with my daughter. I have read the parenting book that talks about using affirmatives; however your explanations better answered the question of why. Be positive, keep the vibrations in the positive. Thank you so much for all you do for me and for others.

Jillian Monaghan
Mom of 2 Nassau, Bahamas