The Path to Abundance.

I subscribe to a magazine called Law of Attraction (shocker, right?) and I recently read an interesting and inspiring article that I feel is a life changer. So naturally, I want to share it with you!

The article talks about a man named Todd Silva who like many of us at one time or another, was facing financial difficulties. He was so obsessed about his poor finances, it was really all he ever thought about. He was constantly focused on his dire situation, his lack of funds and his fears around never having enough. He was totally miserable and was in a constant state of worry. Sound familiar?

One day, feeling totally desperate, Todd turned to God and asked why he was suffering so much? Why wasn’t he more financially successful? He asked God what he was supposed to do. The answer he received was “give away money.” Of course at first, he resisted the idea. His whole issue was that he didn’t think he had enough for his own survival. Now he was supposed to just give it away? Then he was given permission to “start small.”

Money is just another form of energy. And when you exchange money, you keep this flow of energy alive. When you hold on so tightly or focus on scarcity or a lack of money, you literally stop the flow of more money and abundance coming into your life.

Todd decided that his fear and obsession about his lack of money became so uncomfortable, that he was willing to try a new approach. That’s when his Give Away a Dollar a Day program was born and his life began to transform.

He went to the bank, took out $30 in $1 bills and began to randomly and anonymously scatter dollar bills wherever he went. His intention was to drop each dollar and leave it up to the Universe to decide who would find it and when. He released the need to know who it went to and how they received it. He also let go of the idea of getting anything in return. He found creative ways of “dropping” his money for others to find and he began to have a lot of fun in the process. In the odd times when he saw the recipient’s reaction to finding the money, he felt total joy. And this joy made him feel even more abundant.

During this time, he felt a major shift in his relationship and mindset around money. He loosened his grip by freely giving his money away. He now felt joyful when he thought about money which replaced his fearful thoughts. As a result, money starting easily flowing into his life.

The Law of Attraction is all about matching our vibrations and energy and giving us more of the same. When you give more of what you feel you are lacking, you will get more in return. So if you want more money, love, forgiveness,compassion, give more of those things unconditionally to others. This is a guarantee. It’s the law.

Action Challenge

I invite you to join me and make today the start of unconditional giving.

Todd suggests you:

1) Give the money without expecting anything in return.

2) Deliver the dollar and let the Universe decide when and who will get it.

3) Commit to doing this for a minimum of 30 days. It will then become a habit and will recondition your lack mindset into an abundant mindset.

4) Have fun with it!

I would love to hear your comments and success stories. Please post a comment below.

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