What Trust Really Means.

What does it mean to trust?

In order to attract what you want you have to get really good at “going with the flow” and stepping into a place of trust. That means believing with every fibre of your being that things will turn out in the right and perfect time and for your highest good.

That’s hard to do when you’re impatient or allow your doubts and fears to get in the way. Naturally you feel attached to the outcome of your desire. You want to control it and make it happen, like, yesterday.

When this happens, you block the manifestation from happening or you slow it down considerably. When you lack trust, have doubts or insecurities you stand in the way of the energy that creates the outcome and results you want.

When you learn to trust, you don’t force things to happen, you trust they will unfold as they are meant to. When you practice detachment you also realize that what you once thought were “problems” are now just opportunities to grow and learn. It means really being free.

In this video I share a powerful meaning of the word trust. Check it out and feel free to leave comments below.

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Carly Cooper

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